Monday, June 17, 2013

Study materials review: My Max ScoreMath 1 & 2 Subject Test

At $14.99 this is one of the less-expensive options out there.  The review section is fairly comprehensive, but might be improved by the addition of a few more exercises.  There are two practice tests:  one each for the Math1 test and the Math 2 test.  The tests include some interesting questions, and do a good job of including problems that cover the span of the subject matter.  Unfortunately many problems are too heavy on tedious algebra manipulations and you have to draw all of your own geometry diagrams from the descriptions, so that the tests are not useful as timed practice tests.  In addition, the book is bound in such a way that it doesn't stay open to a page.  While taking the test, I had to use paper weights to keep it from closing as I was attempting to work the problems.

If you are a tutor, this book might make a useful addition to your library.  You could mine it for practice problems.  A student, however, would probably want to spend a little more and get a book with more practice tests.

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