Thursday, October 23, 2014

Study Materials Review: Dr. John Chung's SAT II Math 2

I have a new favorite Math 2 SAT subject test practice book!  Dr. John Chung's version doesn't have much in the way of review information, but the practice tests are quite good.  He does a good job capturing the "flavor" of the SAT II Math 2 questions.  AND there are a whopping 12 practice tests!

That said, the book is not perfect.  So far I have taken tests 1, 8 and 12.  My past experience with practice books is that the first test is often good, but that the tests deteriorate from there.  Test 8 was still pretty good, but it did require me to use the Law of Cosines three times, which seems excessive.  Test 12 is not useable as a practice test because a printing error caused half of the math symbols to appear as little rectangles.  I was still able to decipher most of the questions, but it throws off the timing for a practice test.  This test could only be used as a source of problems, and then only by someone who knows enough to deduce what the symbols should be.  A reviewer on Amazon complained that there was not a list of errata available.  I may make one for my students.  If I do, I'll share.

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