Monday, March 6, 2017

Study Materials Review: A Guide to the Math SAT

Richard Corn has updated his SAT math guide to reflect the revised test.  (Full disclosure - he sent me a copy to review.) This guide has a number of things I like.  First, I like the organization.  The topics are grouped in a logical manner.  Second, I really like the variety and range of difficulty level of the problems.  There is some really good practice in here.  Third, this guide includes tips on getting the best use out of your calculator which most guides leave out.  There are one or two topics I would have like to see covered more fully, but Mr. Corn has promised to add updates as released tests warrant.

When I reviewed Mr. Corn's guide for the "old" SAT, I mentioned that the formatting and explanations weren't particularly "friendly" and that the book might not be the best choice for a student working on his or her own.  I am happy to report that the explanations are much improved in this book.  There are some nice examples, some solid advice, and plenty of targeted practice.  I have uncovered a few typographical errors, but only one might affect your ability to understand or work the problems, and the author has promised to post a list of errata on his website.

This guide is an excellent resource for students who are working with or without a tutor.  I plan to purchase another copy or two for my resource shelf.  If you need one of your own, you can order it here:


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